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  • Text and Email Subscription

    Text and Email Subscription

    Putting new skills into place takes practice and accountability.  You may desire more coaching support with a monthly subscription.  By subscription, we can brainstorm, you can receive feedback, and ask for help.  Emails and texts will be answered within one business day.

    Please reach out by email, text, or call to set up a time to chat.

    Text services are currently limited to clients in the United States.

    If you're interested in Coaching by Text, please contact me for a no-charge 20-minute inquiry call. We’ll discuss how I can help

    What Clients Say About My Coaching Support at Your Fingertips Subscription

    I’m a single parent and feel alone in my parenting. Having Dr. Sonya at my fingertips has been a godsend. She helps calm my chattering brain.

    – A Mom in Highland Park, Texas

    We first worked with Dr. Sonya in a family intensive because we didn’t want to send our daughter away. We now get additional help with her via text. It’s great to have her support when we get overwhelmed and doubt ourselves.

    – A Dad in Washington, DC

    It is a godsend to have Sonya at my fingertips. She’s timely in her response and helps me gain perspective and slow down when things are going off the rails.

    – A Mom in Missoula, Montana