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  • Forward Walking

    Forward Walking

    Nature Therapy

    Imagine standing at the edge of a tranquil forest, where the gentle rustling of leaves creates a symphony of calm. The air, crisp and invigorating, cleanses the clutter from your mind. This is the essence of nature therapy, a therapeutic approach that harnesses the innate healing power of the natural world. Dr. Sonya's journey into this field was inspired by her profound understanding of the deep connection between nature and human well-being. She found that immersing oneself in nature, whether it's within a lush forest, by a serene lake, amidst a vibrant meadow, or amidst colorful gardens, can serve as a soothing balm for our wounded minds and hearts.


    Individuals grappling with weariness from life's challenges can find relief as they embrace nature. Immersive retreat experiences allow individuals to ground themselves in the present moment away from distractions and the relentless pace of life. Dr. Sonya's practice showcases how time spent in nature can alleviate the weight of these struggles and provide perspective to current challenges. Her techniques combine nature therapy, psychodrama, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and psychoeducation. Forward Walk is a journey for those who seek personal transformation or shared experience with like-minded individuals.

    Wilderness Experiences

    Immersed in the tapestry of nature, Dr. Sonya encourages a narrative of renewal, hope, and resilience to bloom. She extends an invitation to individuals seeking healing, couples yearning for reconnection, and families striving to build unbreakable bonds. It's a journey that allows you to unplug from the chaos, to step outside the confines of routine, and to celebrate nature's gentle embrace.

    Research shows that spending time in nature reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and positively affects our nervous system, leading to improved well-being, mental clarity, and problem-solving ability. Dr. Sonya offers transformative wilderness experiences to help individuals and couples reconnect with themselves and each other.

    Travel With Intention

    In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. The constant demands of work, relationships, and the digital world can leave us disconnected from our true selves and the world around us. Amidst the chaos, there is a sanctuary of solace and healing in the warm embrace of nature.

    Dr. Sonya can help you explore the profound ways in which nature can be a guiding light to overcome mental health challenges for individuals, couples, and families. Join Dr Sonya, a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, for one of her two programs: Theracation and Travel with Intention. Each program is an adventurous and meaningful way to see things through a different lens. Move towards more of the life you desire as you explore different parts of the world with a delicately curated trip.

    So, Forward Walk, and immerse yourself in the wisdom that nature offers. Let its healing touch guide you on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and profound transformation.