• FAQs


    What is an Intensive?

    Conversations, if given space, have a natural crescendo and pause.  This rhythm doesn’t typically fit into the standard 45 minutes to one-hour in-office weekly time slot.  In intensive family coaching, we don’t have traditional time constraints or suffer the weeks that go by between sessions.  During a Family Intensive, we address interactions and concerns ‘in the moment’ as they come up.

    Why an Intensive?

    My parent coaching and family therapy work is not traditional.  I believe the ability to have longer conversations in the privacy and (dis)comfort of where they typically occur can expedite understanding and growth.  We look at fight zones, shared, isolation, and binging spaces.  We strategize about different ways to go about things.

    There is a method to the fatigue and intensity of our time together.  The goal is to have you guys in the experiential zone where you are not too comfortable and too overwhelmed.  Your family patterns will play out in this zone and this is where meaningful work gets done.

    How many days and hours does an Intensive include?

    The foundational Intensive is a tailored 15-hour experience spread over two to (an optional) three days.  Subsequent, add-on monthly Intensives are full day and half day experiences.

    Who should be included in the Intensives?

    Everyone in the household is included in the Intensives.  We have family time, parent time, teen, and sibling time.  Grandparents and relatives living with the family are included.  If you have an essential helper in your house, they may be included. 

    Do we spend a lot of time hashing out the past?

    No.  Our mission is to move your family forward towards more of what you want and not revisit what went wrong in the past.  We will discuss interactions and how things work in your family.  I will keep the conversations forward focused.

    Do you spend most of the time fixing the “problem person” in our family?

    I believe strongly there is no problem person, but you may have a problem in how your family interacts and goes about getting what they want from each other.  Our focus will be on shifts that each family member can consider while your family moves towards what you desire family life to be. 

    Is the intensive painful?

    I sure hope not!  One of the first coaching tips I share is to have fun!  Families in distress have stopped having fun.  This is why your Intensive will have play built into the experience.  We will laugh, learn, and be vulnerable together.

    We are a divorced family, can we split time between the two households?

    Yes, we can split the Intensive in two households.  It is important to include all family members and have them present at both locations. 

    Please feel free to reach out with any other questions: DrSonya@rodriguez.com.