• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Therapy Intensives and Parenting Coaching
    for Families with Teens

    What is a Family Intensive?

    Family Intensives are typically 2 to 3 days where I join you in your home, in nature or in a retreat setting. We can also create a longer family adventure intensive that includes rafting, canoeing, skiing, or hiking. 

    Intensives are tailored to meet your family’s specific needs with the intention to create space for members to truly hear each other’s experiences, pain, and needs. 

    I create a mix of creative and enjoyable activities and exercises that open up communication. The goal is to strengthen your family’s connection, communication and respect. 

    Why a Family Intensive?

    While valuable, weekly family therapy or parent coaching sessions [link to Services page] are often limited in the progress made. It’s common to lose momentum with weekly sessions and find yourself close to where you started in the next session. 

    With Family Intensives [link to Services page], we don’t have the traditional 45-50 minute time constraints. We address interactions and concerns that come up ‘in the moment’ versus recalling the incident a week or two after the fact. We give conversations the necessary time and space.

    Why would I choose an intensive over individual parent coaching sessions?

    Most of my work involves family intensives – either in the home, around the community, or in nature. My clients make the most progress in less time during an intensive. Family Intensives are equal to many months of weekly family therapy sessions.

    I take a limited number of parents as coaching clients. Many coaching clients signup for one of my family intensives after discovering how much we can accomplish in a family intensive. 

    How do we know if a family intensive is suitable for our family?

    Intensives are suitable for all families because they are designed to meet you where you are and enhance relationships. All you need is the desire to build a stronger connection and an openness to making small shifts. 

    What is the schedule for a Family Intensive?

    The typical Intensive is a 16-hour experience spread over 2-3 days. On the first day, we’re together 3 to 4 hours, the second day 6 to 8 hours, and the last day 3 to 4 hours. 

    What happens during a typical day in an intensive?

    One important aspect of our time together is that you enjoy spending time together as a family. Like most families, it is easy to forget to have fun together when you’re struggling or in crisis. 

    I build in playful activities during the intensive where you can laugh, learn, and connect with one another. Having enjoyable experiences strengthens your connection, which is as important as solving problems.

    We’ll have conversations about healthy communication, what happens to the human brain when stressed, and the human life cycle. We’ll apply these concepts as we practice crucial conversations in a safe, facilitated environment. 

    Do you work with our teen or young adult alone and with the family?

    I work from a family systems approach which means I view issues in the context of how your family interacts and goes about getting what they want from each other. 

    There is no “problem” person even though one person might be acting out. Approaching families from this perspective decreases your teen’s resistance and increases their buy-in. 

    Our focus will be on shifts that each family member might consider while your family moves towards the kind of relationships you all desire.  

    What approaches do you use?

    I’m trained in some of the most effective relational and family therapy approaches that exist in the field of psychotherapy. I’ve trained in family therapy, couples therapy, and methods that work well with teens. [link to About page] I incorporate many approaches I learned while working with teens and their families in the wilderness and residential treatment.

    My style is warm and casual. I use humor and playfulness and will always be my authentic, imperfect self when working with you. When helpful and appropriate, I share personal experiences with my own teenagers and those that I’ve walked through with other families. 

    Do you take insurance?

    I do not take insurance. I will create a superbill that you can provide your insurance provider to request reimbursement on your investment. 

    Ready to increase connection and peace in your family?

    If so, contact me for your no-charge 20-minute inquiry call. We’ll discuss how I can help make the shifts necessary for your family to connect more deeply.