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  • In-Home Family Intensives

    In-Home Family Intensives

    In-Home Family Intensives are ideal for families desiring a deeper connection where there is a concern about a teen or young adult. Common teenage behaviors that a Family Intensive can address include depression, anxiety, defiance, and other emotional or behavioral issues.

    Our time together will help you and your child feel more hopeful, motivated, and less conflicted while bringing greater harmony into your family. Intensives are designed for you to have fun as well. Having fun together makes time together feel safer and more desirable.

    Working with your family in an Intensive helps me better understand your teenager/young child and family than I’d be able to in weekly therapy sessions.

    I witness the patterns and dynamics of your communication and behaviors as they unfold. We work through situations in the moment, which is more effective than retelling what happened days to weeks later.

    Our extended time together creates the space and feelings of safety for every family member to be heard without interruption. Your family can build momentum and work on a deeper level. This means change in your family can occur more quickly.

    Intensives are tailored to your family’s specific needs. The typical home intensive is 2 to 3 days, yet it can vary from 1 to 7 days. Together we’ll decide how many days may work best for you, your teen, and your family.

    In-Home Family Intensives

    I come into your home and facilitate activities, exercises, and conversations that you all participate in together. We often include active and fun activities in the community such as walking, hiking, kayaking, rollerblading, or other activities your family enjoys or are willing to try.

    What Clients Say About my Family Therapy Intensives

    Sonya is very helpful, she listens well, responds to our questions and is extremely supportive. She’s been a key part of getting our child and family on a good path.

    We would not have been in the positive place that we’re in today without her guidance and support.

    – A Dad in Austin, Texas

    My husband and I were constantly fighting over parenting differences. Dr Sonya helped us get on the same page with parenting. She helped us understand what is normal teenage behavior and what other families have found to be successful in similar situations. Her wisdom was exactly the guidance we needed to help calm our doubts and fears.

    A mom in Boca Raton, Florida

    We have a great connection with Sonya, and our daughter feels very comfortable with her. It makes it easy to be open with her.

    – A Mom in San Antonio, Texas

    Sonya developed a trust and openness in our teenager that no one else was able to do. She is realistic and straightforward. She did a great job helping us find a middle ground so that boundaries were set and goals were attained.

    – A Mom in Cincinnati, Ohio

    We didn’t know what to expect having a stranger in our home listening to our mess but Dr Sonya immediately put us at ease. She made everyone feel heard and valued. She helped us set rules get on a healthy path.”

    – A Mom in Washington, DC