• Family Intensives

    Family Intensives


    I am a family specialist.  I work with families who have teenagers, who struggle emotionally, socially, or with authority.  I help families get more of the love, respect, peace, and connection they desire.

    My experiential approach involves the healing power of Family Intensives.  I have developed framework for the family intensives that take place in your home over two or three days.  Family Intensives involve teen, family, and parent coaching through facilitated discussions, playing, and sharing meals. We identify and problem solve points of conflict as they come up – in real time.

    Families conclude intensives with renewed and strengthened connection, hope, and stamina. Participants have said these intensives are more valuable than six months of weekly family therapy.

    For the last decade I have worked with families in the adolescent treatment, adolescent therapy, and wilderness therapy field and have helped many families make the transition back home.  I help parents with leadership and appropriate, loving expectation setting.  I help teenagers talk to their parents in a way that their parents want to listen and about how to create opportunities for adolescents to gain the independence they desire.

    Contact Family Forward by email, text, or call to set up a time to chat and learn more about the benefits of Family Intensives.