• Adventure Family Intensives

    Adventure Family Intensives

    Nature provides an opportunity to unplug, calm the nervous system, become present, and move our bodies.  Working in nature facilitates a deep and quick connection and understanding that is more difficult to achieve in traditional office visits.  Recent research shows families desiring more experiential work in nature than any other delivery of family therapy (Rodriguez, 2020).  Nature as a backdrop has a way to help family members ‘get it.’  We can plan your Family Intensive outdoors locally or in a more remote location in the mountains or seaside.  Mountain sports options include activities such as hiking, skiing, biking, and rafting.  Family sea sports experiences include kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, windsurfing, and rollerblading. Intentional activities and facilitated discussions are designed to enhance family communication, problem solving, and connection.  You can choose if we camp or take up lodging.  Nature serves as a conduit to deep work as well as deep peace and family enjoyment.

    Reach out via email, text, or call to set up a time to chat to get creative about how I can help your family with the connection and healing process through coaching and therapy.