• Calm the chaos and increase the connection in your family

    Are You Walking on Eggshells Because Your Teenager Has Turned Your Household Upside Down?

    As a parent coach and family therapist, I’ll equip your family to get your teen back on track.

    You can have deep connections and peace in your home.

    You’ve probably tried everything to help your teenager and deal with the struggles in your family, but you’re at a loss as to what to do next.

    You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted.

    Maybe you feel you’re failing as a parent.

    Let me assure you – you’re NOT failing. 

    Parenting an adolescent may be one of the most challenging experiences you have as a parent. 

    So, if you’re hard on yourself, I encourage you to be compassionate and give yourself a high five that you have the wisdom to seek the help of a family specialist.

    Behavior your teen may be exhibiting:

    • Uncooperative or defiant
    • Withdrawn, isolated or depressed 
    • Abusing food, alcohol or drugs
    • Problems with peers 
    • Failure to launch 
    • Living on screens

    As a Family Therapist and Parent Coach, I Can Help You and Your Teen Become More Confident, Cooperative and More Connected… 

    With my help, you’ll be able to reconnect with your teen and understand the unmet needs under their behavior.

    Communication will improve, which will strengthen your relationship. 

    You’ll feel more confident and capable as a parent.

    Your mind will be at ease knowing your teen is doing better. 

    You’ll have tools to help you handle any situations that occur in the future. 

    Together we’ll create a path to shift understanding and create more harmonious and meaningful family relationships.

    About Dr. Sonya, Teen and Family Therapist

    I’m a teen and family therapist with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. My focus is on working with families whose teenagers and young adults struggle emotionally, socially, or with authority. 

    I’m also an adjunct Professor and supervise Master’s level Marriage and Family Therapy students.

    As a parent, I raised 4 teenagers who are thriving as young adults.  I know firsthand how challenging and rewarding it can be to parent teenagers.

    I’m passionate about helping families with adolescents and young adults create more respect, calm, and connection.

    We’ll then make the shifts necessary to bring your teen, you, and your family back into harmony. And, we’ll have lots of fun doing it!

    I care deeply about helping families develop more love, respect, and rewarding relationships. I’ve worked with many families in your situation. I’d be honored to walk alongside your family and share in your hard work and joy!

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