• Calm the chaos and increase the connection in your family

    Is your teen spiraling out of control?  Has your teen hijacked your household?  Are you afraid what might happen next?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know the situation is difficult and scary and I can coach you through this.

    Family Forward with Dr. Sonya is a family and parent coaching experience that helps moms and dads parent challenging teens in an escalating situation.


    Create connection and calm in your family

    I am confident that together we can equip your family with the necessary tools to help you overcome some of these challenges.  If your teen is struggling with anxiety, oppositional behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, or self-harming behavior know you are not alone and do not need to navigate this journey alone.  I have walked beside many families who were overwhelmed and discouraged by similar issues.  Together we created a path to shift the power, expectations, consequences, and communication to more peaceful and meaningful family relationships.

    If you’re ready for the chaos to be calmed and to experience more connection in your family, I am here and I am ready to listen.

    Email me today and let’s get started.


    About Dr. Sonya

    I am a family specialist.  I have a PhD in marriage and family therapy and specifically work with families who have teenagers who struggle emotionally, socially, or with authority.  I help families get more of the love, respect, calm, and connection they desire.

    My experience includes working with adolescents and their families while in wilderness and residential treatment, and once transitioned home.  I raised four young adult children and navigated the teenage years.  I know firsthand how parenting is both difficult and rewarding.

    My passion is to walk beside families and share in their hard work and their joy!  I am a family specialist not just because of my degrees, trainings, and experience, but because I care.  I work with my curiosity and keen ability to be in the trenches with you while keeping a bird’s eye view.

    If you want to see more about my specific training and experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.  I encourage you to reach out now and connect with me.  Tell me what is going on and let’s see how I can help your family find the peace, connection, love, and respect for which you were designed.

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